Welcome to Ferronlandia, I’m honored you’re here.

My goal is to connect you to the people behind good food and drinks and to help illuminate the systems that define how we eat. I’m focused on California and Mexico, but you’ll find more stories from my travels all over the world. On this site I’ll do my best to provide you with the travel advice I would give to a friend, important information about a region, restaurants and recommended dishes— and the story of the person behind your meal.

As someone who has covered and produced events in the agave spirit world, I also offer consulting for event production, storytelling and strategy for brands, and agave spirit curation and education. My consulting is driven by a desire to bring attention and economic benefit to the people who make our food and drinks.

The Ferronlandia Story
When I lived in Mexico my host family of three bubbly sisters, one long-winded brother and a mom with a surprising pocket full of perverted jokes, gathered around the kitchen table for an evening snack every night. Maybe it was the Yucatan’s sweaty heat, maybe it was the amount of beer drinking that had taken over my life, maybe it was taking classes in Spanish all day, but sometimes I would completely space out amongst all the chatting and snacking. When I returned to earth my family would be laughing at me and say, “she’s gone to Ferronlandia!” and we’d go back to our quesadillas and dirty jokes.

Ferronlandia was inspired by my experiences gathering around a table. I also deeply believe that food is a lens to view politics, environmental issues, systematic racism, and history, and that’s my focus for my freelance work. I hope all these stories  help you to gather around a table, learn from your company and enjoy whatever you’re eating and drinking. 

Thanks for reading.


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