Sabor del Barrio: Tacos and Beyond

I’m doing a new bilingual series for Vision Hispana exploring Latin American food in the East Bay, click on the links below for my reviews and interviews with chefs.

La Mexicana


Welcome to the Cheers of Fruitvale. La Mexicana has been on International Boulevard for seventy years, and the current owner started as a waitress over twenty years ago. Come here for big portions of simple homefare.



Chef Dominica Rice makes some of the best Mexican food in the Bay Area with top quality local ingredients. I asked Rice, who once worked at Chez Panisse, about growing up in L.A., opening her first restaurant, and what it means to be cooking Mexican food with local and organic ingredients.

Rumbo al Sur -CLOSED

Opened in 2011 by the team of A Cote restaurant, Rumbo al Sur offers a tapas-style menu of dishes and wine from Mexico and South America, and cocktails made with fresh juices and Latin American spirits. I sat down with the head chef to ask him about Rumbo al Sur’s menu, and how he thinks Latin American cuisine is making its mark on the culinary scene in Oakland and beyond.