Four Juice Bars in Oakland

Juices, smoothies, acai bowls and chia puddings, non-dairy warm drinks… We are on trend in Oakland and thankfully it’s without the activated $12 charcoal waters and bullshit anti-food health diets. Here are a few places in Oakland owned by people of color offering nutrients in a cup for an accessible price.

Super Juiced, Old Oakland

Adding another destination to Swan’s Market, Super Juiced is everything I want in a juice bar and a business. They use all organic produce and buy from local farms, keep prices accessible, and are committed to hiring locally, with a special focus on system-impacted young folks, who receive leadership development training. Neon pink accents brighten the store and shelves have a sweet selection of body, home and packaged food products to take home. The menu has seasonal juices, tonic shots, smoothies, a vanilla coconut chia pudding and acai bowl. I had the golden glow juice with persimmon, apple, turmeric and nutmeg, which tasted like Fall. They also have warm non-dairy drinks like their golden milk made with turmeric, spices, coconut and house made almond milk, and the hot coco choco with coconut milk, raw cacao, maple syrup, vanilla and himalayan pink salt. To start off 2017 they’ll be offering cleanses for digestion, immunity boosts, and revitalization. Prices range from $4 to $9.50.

Main Squeeze, Grand Lake

Oakland Juice Main Squeezed
These guys are best known for their acai bowls, a traditional snack in Instagram, woops I mean Brazil. They have a pretty fruity smoothie menu, and a varied juice menu with organic produce, a seasonal juice, and lots of enhancers like tumeric, chia, and flax. I like the Orange you Glad with apple, carrot, celery, ginger, lemon, pear, and turmeric. A perfect place to hit before or after walking the lake, and often busy on those sunny weekend days. Prices run $5 to $8.

Taqueria San Jose, Fruitvale

Located right on International and 35th, this little cafe window next to Taqueria San Jose offers coffee and breakfast staples, as well as freshly made juices. They have a few fruit combos and a green juice which has pineapple, ginger, parsley, celery, nopal, and cucumber. It feels a little like Mexico here: the window is bordered in talavera tiles, there’s a sunny patio with a running fountain in back, and a sad display of Bimbo donas and snacks at the counter. The guy ordering before me said he always gets a large orange juice with two raw eggs blended, and while I was a little curious, I went for the green juice. $5 for a small.

Nieves Cinco de Mayo, Fruitvale

Doesn’t nieves mean ice cream? Yes, and right across from the ice cream stand is a small cafe offering Oakland-roasted Bicycle coffee, sandwiches and juices. I’ve written about the owner’s street cart to brick and mortar success before here (it’s an inspiring story). I love the juice and smoothie menu: you get to choose up to five ingredients from the fruit, veggie, and supplement list and design your own. If you aren’t confident about making your own combos ask for recommendations or start with something simple like carrot, orange and ginger. I usually get some variation of a vampiro: beet, carrot, pineapple, and orange. $4 for a small, $5 for a medium, $6 for a large.