Run, Walk, Eat Tacos for BAHIA This Saturday

I recently stopped by my old daycare for lunch. BAHIA (Bay Area Hispanic Institute for Advancement) and its sister preschool Centro Vida, are undeniably where my taste for Mexican food was born.

It was there where I first had chilaquiles and arroz con leche, learned my jalapeño tolerance, and discovered the delight of sinking one’s teeth into a small corn on the cob covered in cream, cheese and lemon. Nice to know that even after all these years snack time at BAHIA hasn’t changed much: on my recent visit I peaked inside the kitchen to watch the cook prepare a simmering pot of bright green pozole.

As I hung out in a very small chair with the fourth graders, I also remembered that Centro Vida is where I learned to dance and carry a tune, speak Spanish, and where I first learned to share a meal with my peers. For most of my childhood Centro Vida and BAHIA were home in many ways.

I asked the kids about their favorite snack. The pollitos (the smallest age group) were all about the burritos, but among the delfines there was a resounding majority vote for pozole. Why, I asked?

“Because it’s amazing”

“Because it reminds me of my abuela.”

“Because it reminds me of home”

Me too, kids.
BAHIA is hosting a 5k Camina y Corre for their 40th anniversary with all you can eat tacos from the El Grullo truck on Saturday, April 25th. Funds go to support their non-profit programs to provide families with high quality, nurturing, bilingual learning environments where children grow to become successful lifelong learners. Learn more here.

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  1. We have one more person/former student out there that is in media, Miguel Almaguer on MNBC…also a graduate of Centro VIDA.

    Beautiful pictures Ferron, thank you again for including us and sharing your memories with our FB families!

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