Battle of the Greyhounds: The Layover vs Cafe Van Kleef

Both have the old school grapefruit juicer, but who squeezes and mixes best? Ferronlandia sent in the thirsty troops to find out.

The drink-To be honest, they skimped on the grapefruit. Never thought I would say it, but too much alcohol, not enough juice. However, the bartender was 1. cute 2. responded “crazy dogs” when I asked him what he calls a grapefruit & tequila and 3. made this delicious alternative for me: tequila, grapefruit and squirt- a paloma with real grapefruit!

The scene-If you need an alternative to the Saturday night sloppy sleazy of Lukas or Mua, come and find a good-humored, motley crowd here. I had three pleasant conversations with strangers (alright, cute guys) and the rest of the bar was too busy getting down to talk to nobody. Comfy couches and a big enough dance floor to dance salsa like a Mexican (elbows, hella elbows). Warning, the DJ has major ADD- the minute you start enjoying a song it turns into something else. I won’t hate though, I was happy with the transitions.

Van Kleef

The drink- Major points on the pulp factor. My friend pointed out that the giant slice of grapefruit on the rim puts Van Kleef’s grapefruit to vodka ratio at perfection. It’s like drinking a vodka-filled grapefruit, which for some disturbing reason just made me think breakfast.

The scene- Looks like Fairy Godmother Salvage Yard waved her wand and sprinkled relics of  the 60’s, Mardi Gras, and Wyoming across the walls here. Funky like your grandma’s cluttered closet that still has a few wigs and flapper dresses, cozy like your brother’s hot-boxed basement with the couch you don’t want to leave. Try and check out the music before paying cover but it’s always a good conversation space.
The winner? Van Kleef for the drink, Layover for the scene. Good thing you can do both in one night.

Got the travel bug? ($5 on weekends) (no cover)