Agave Spirits

Agave spirits consulting, education and events

Mezcal is much more than a drink. It’s culture, it’s language, it’s terroir, it’s community. As an event producer and agave consultant I offer education, creative programs and experiences to help consumers connect more deeply to agave and other Mexican spirits, and the culture and people behind them.

Agave consulting for restaurants and mezcal brands

Mezcal and Mexican Spirits Consulting for Restaurants and Bars:

Mexican spirit lists
Staff training
Exclusive spirit batches and connections to independent producers
Events, marketing and engagement

Consulting for agave spirit brands:

Brand development and storytelling
Social Media and PR
Market strategy and activation

Mezcal Events

In addition to Mezcal Week, I produce Mexico in a Bottle, the biggest and baddest mezcal tastings in the U.S. I produce intimate dinners and tastings, large-scale events and curated markets and shopping experiences.

I offer private, group and trade mezcal tours to Michoacán and Durango in partnership with the Mezcalistas and Tess Rose Lampert. For private tours inquire via my contact form. These tours offer behind the scenes experiences with producers while learning and experiencing each region’s culture, food, language and natural environment. Our tours are structured to economically benefit mezcal producers and the local economy.

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