Pop-Up Tacos Oscar Rocked My Monday Night

Tacos Oscar took over Boot & Shoe last night accompanied by fiery sangritas and popsicle micheladas, zebra piñatas, and a salsa-spinning DJ.

I don’t know anything about him because he was very busy pressing la finca masa with his personalized, hand-painted tortilla press all night. I do know that he’s got the consistency down with tortillas and grandma’s touch when it comes to salsa.

We had the carnitas with salsa verde, onions, cilantro and two perfectly crispy chicharrones; the mushrooms braised with caramelized onions and epazote; and a show-stopping tender achiote-rubbed octopus from the wood oven with roasted spring onions and herb oil. Each were served with beans, guacamole and colorful escabeche.

The pulpo (octopus) made Dominica Rice, chef and owner of Cosecha, do a happy dance. If you know what’s up that’ll mean something to you. I personally wanted to fist pump and chant pulpo a lot. However you shake your tentacles, this type of cooking is giving a lot to be excited about.


Find him on IG & Twitter, usually popping up for breakfast in Oakland.
If they do this again prepare for the line and go early.