Almost 24 Hours in Downtown LA

We started with a juice and a tumeric-ginger shot at Crafters, and then armed with the make-believe nutritional permission to eat and drink mostly things that are bad for us, we walked into Spring Street. Here are a few recommendations to eat and drink your way through a night (and morning) in downtown LA.

Hamburguesas Punta Cabras – CLOSED
Hamburguesa_Punta_CabrasOne of my favorite things to eat in Morelia was a hamburger out of a tiny hole in the wall spot near the centro. There’s something different about a Mexican hamburger, it’s smaller, well done, and usually covered in toppings. Punta Cabras is rocking an LA version of the Mexican burger with lettuce, tomato, house pickles, charred green onion and 1,000 islas salsa. Don’t miss out on the green curry guacamole or the mexican ranch. There’s a black bean and a turkey version, plus some fries (and chorizo and cheese-smoothered dirty fries). This is a new tiny place that doesn’t have a sign yet, so just use your nose. From the same owners/chefs as Tacos Punta Cabras in Santa Monica, who gave up their fine dining careers to feed us messy and good affordable things.

Ace Hotel Upstairs Bar
Ace_Hotel_UpstairsMy favorite rooftop bar downtown makes for a great place to watch the sunset. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House meets Morroccan pillows, tropical drinks, a steadily head-nodding DJ in all beige, and lots of cute people working.

The Little Easy
Think of a faded Disneyland New Orleans set (weathered french doors, a porch swing, a stuffed alligator) and you’ve pictured The Little Easy, with just enough faux grime to make it feel like a place you can get goofy. Don’t stop at the front bar, go through a twisting hallway until you’ve found a dark French Quarter-esq courtyard brightened by chandeliers, an illuminated fountain, and very happy bartenders. I don’t remember what I drank here, but I would hope you could find a good sazerac.

The Continental Club
This is a fun place to dance, especially on Saturdays, when DJ Maple Syrup is there. Funk, hip-hop, soul, a little salsa and not so many sleazy dudes. The low lighting and red walls are sexy, waiting in the line while you watch girls in terrible tiny outfits waltz in, not so much.

Historic Core Farmers Market-Sundays
Historic Core Farmers MarketThere’s not so much to eat here, but this little stretch of market makes for a fun stroll on your way to brunch on Sunday mornings. There’s a woman selling $6 juice (I grabbed the one with bee pollen, papaya, orange and aloe vera), another with pan dulce, and several non-food vendors. Flor sells hats from South Africa and makes sandals, and Juan sells hand-picked records, which is an excellent thing to pick in the heart of LA.

Perch LA
Perch LAThe kind of place that doesn’t need to do anything interesting in the kitchen because you just want to eat the view. French bistro meets downtown LA in this 15th floor rooftop. It could be annoyingly posh but it’s inviting: I want to curl up with a latte on the plush art-deco couches, trace the patterned tiles in some ballerina slippers, and kiss a boy next to the fireplace and glittery views of downtown. The upstairs cocktail lounge opens at noon, and if you want to get in for brunch before definitely make a reservation.

In between meals: Head to The Last Bookstore and there’s always a stroll through Grand Central Market with a coffee at G & B.