Oakland Food Tours

Join me in for a tour of my favorite food businesses in Fruitvale, Oakland.

You’ll explore Mexican cuisine and more in Oakland via Fruitvale’s street vendors, family restaurants, markets, and history. You’ll get down on salsa-soaked tortas, prehispanic beverages, and tamales at the neighborhood’s original street food stall. We’ll get a taste of  Fruitvale’s organic restaurants, tropical ice cream sundaes with hand-whipped ice cream, coffee from one of Oakland’s most interesting roasters, craft beer, and more stops along the way highlighting some of the area’s old and new community-focused businesses. 10% of proceeds go to Centro Legal de la Raza.

The most appealing part of the tour, though, was learning tidbits about Fruitvale’s history and culture: the enduring influence of Native Americans, the waves of immigration, and the factors that made it Oakland’s most diverse neighborhood.
East Bay Express

Tours are great for team building events, field trips or to celebrate a special occasion with a group of friends.

Currently I’m only booking private tours, you can inquire with dates and group numbers here.